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Arriving in Rome

Early Arrival and Late Departure

Students are welcome to arrive in Rome before their program starts and stay beyond the end of the program, but will have to find and pay for their own accommodations. Students should not plan to stay more than 90 days either before or after the dates that their visa is valid, however, since that is against Italian law and could have serious repercussions. Students in short term programs cannot legally stay in Europe beyond 90 days total. This applies to US citizens. Citizens of other countries should check the Italian and European regulations for their country.

Transportation from the airport

Rome has two airports: Leonardo da Vinci Airport in Fiumicino and a smaller airport in Ciampino. Non-European flights usually arrive at Leonardo da Vinci (Fiumicino). There are several ways to get to the Rome campus from the airport. 


A taxi is the easiest way to the Rome campus with substantial luggage. The fixed rate is 48 euro, which includes luggage and tip.

  • One should not not accept a taxi ride from people who approach travelers in or outside the airport saying "taxi". These are unregulated and may charge an enormous fee. 
  • Look for the taxi line outside, where legal white taxis will be waiting.

Some taxi information can be found here.

Airport shuttle

Students may book a shuttle in advance to bring them from the airport to the Rome campus. They will be waiting with a sign with the student's name on it. There are several companies that offer this service, such as the following (found through with no recommendation intended).

Public transportation

Students who have manageable luggage and want an adventure can take public transportation to the Rome campus. Upon exiting customs, look for signs directing to the overhead bridge to the train station. The sign will say "FS". Purchase a ticket to the Stazione Trastevere (8 euro) and board the correct train. The train will stop at the Trastevere station near the Rome campus. At the station, purchase a ticket for the bus from one of the newsstands (1.50 euro): "Un biglietto per l'autobus, per favore". In the front of the station, take tram 3. Get off at the fourth stop: Ministero della Pubblica Istruzione. Cross the street, turn left, and wait at the bus stop there for bus 44 or bus 75 (same ticket). Get off at Dandolo/Fabrizi (3 stops). Turn back up Via Nicolo Fabrizi and go down to the corner, which is Via Garibaldi and the main gate of the Rome campus. Beware of pickpocketers on the train and bus; they are very eager to take advantage of naive tourists.


Rome is very much still a cash economy. Students will need to have some euro on hand for the transportation unless it is paid for in advance, since only a few taxis take credit cards. See the money tips here.

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    Last Revised 2 February 2017