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Family Week: Bring your Family to Class Week

Each semester we designate one week of the semester as family week. During this week we organize a few special events for family members to attend while the students are in class, and some classes are open for parent participation. Keep in mind that the students are expected to participate in their normal classes during family week.

Family Week: November 6-10, 2017

Monday, November 6

3-5pm Introductory Walk
Join Dr. Dawson for a walk through the Trastevere neighborhood and into the heart of Renaissance and Baroque Rome.

Tuesday, November 7

3.00-6.00pm Protestant Cemetery of Rome
Join Dr. Locatelli and her class on an exploration of the Protestant Cemetery of Rome through the lens of literature.

Wednesday, November 8

8am-Noon Papal Audience 
Tickets available Tuesday afternoon. Go early (even as early as 7am) to get a good seat.

1.30pm-3.00pm Contemporary Art
Join Dr. Dawson and his Philosophy of Art course as they look at 20th century art through the eyes of Martin Heidegger.
Meet at the Galleria Nazionale d'Arte Moderna at 1.30pm.

3.30-6.30pm The Early Church
Join Prof. Boyd and his class as the look at the development of the role of Rome in the early Church.
Meet in front of the Church of San Lorenzo fuori le mura at 3.30pm.

Thursday, November 9

2-5pm Ancient Rome
Join Dr. Corrado and her class for an exploration of the art and architecture of ancient Rome.
See class syllabus for meeting details.

Friday, November 10

9.00-12.30 Ostia Antica
Journey to ancient Rome by walking through the ruins of Rome's port, Ostia.
Meet at the Piramide train station

8pm Dinner
Conclude the week with dinner at a traditional Roman restaurant, Lo Scarpone.


Family members and guests are expected to purchase their own entrance tickets to the sites visited and to pay for themselves and their students at the final dinner.


Accommodation should be booked individually by the participants and is the responsibility of the participants. Some suggestions can be found here

Getting Around Rome

Public transportation in Rome is efficient and inexpensive, even if at times it may make you wait. A week-long pass, covering all forms of transportation in Rome, costs 24 euro and can be purchased at most Tabbacherie (biglietto settimanale per l’autobus).


Participants can pick up a simple or more extended map of Rome at any bookstore. Free maps can also be obtained at the tourist information kiosks around town.

Seeing the City

Rome, like all pre-modern cities, is made for walking. Visitors can stroll about the streets in safety throughout the historic center of Rome from dawn until the evening hours. Taxis are readily on hand, but those who take them miss the opportunity to discover the little treasures on every corner. Hint: When finding a church or building that is open, go inside – one never knows what beauty awaits.