The Catholic University of America


NOTE: Students should not schedule any mid-semester trips before the semester begins since classes and program events are always subject to change. Travel is not a valid excuse for missing class.

Early Arrival and Delayed Departure
Students are welcome to arrive in Rome before the program starts and stay beyond the end of the program, but will have to find their own accommodations. Students should not plan to stay more than 90 days either before or after the dates that their visa is valid, however, since that is against Italian law and could have serious repercussions. addition, students may not be able to travel outside of Italy beyond the dates of the program, depending on the rules of the desired destination. Non-US citizens should check the Italian and European immigration rules for their country.

Because of tightened immigration restrictions, students will not be able to travel outside the Schengen area and return after the 90th day of the program until they receive their permesso di soggiorno cards.

Spring 2019

  • Fri, Jan 11: Spring semester Arrivals, Check in and Orientation
  • Sat, Jan 12: Orientation
  • Mon, Jan 14: Classes begin
  • Mar 9-17: Spring break
  • Apr 18-22: Easter break
  • May 11: Move out of dorm or host family by Noon

Last Revised 25 September 2018